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Connor McCutcheon & Demps on the night stand controversy?

From sweaty nut huggers, to first moves, half shotgunned white claws to unicorns, this is the Sh*t show on full 100. A goose names Stewart and a Vaas helped top it off. I mean, just watch, it's even possible we may have started a one night stand controversy...


Immerse yourself in the stirring world of Connor McCutcheon, Nashville’s sensational musical prodigy. A testament to passion and creativity, Connor has beautifully carved his niche in the realms of country music, marked by authenticity and profound lyricism. A Tennessee native, born on October 28th in Hendersonville, he was cradled in musical ardor, developing an intrinsic relationship with melodies and rhythms early on.

Connor's musical journey, blossoming amidst the eclectic influences of rock, pop, soul, and folk, wove the fabric of his distinct artistic style. His formative years were painted with vibrant tones of diverse musical genres, enriching his compositions with an evocative blend of melodies and tales. Fueled by a dedicated pursuit, his talent swiftly commanded the attention of musical connoisseurs and industry maestros.

Embarking on a transformative musical sojourn, Connor's college years shimmered with remarkable milestones. His creative symphony found a rhythm at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, leading to a harmonious collaboration with the Grammy Award-winning Producer Julian Raymond. Recording in the celebrated “Black Bird” Studios marked the release of his compelling first four EPs, heralding the dawn of an exhilarating era.

The resonance of Connor’s music, marked by a debut EP “I Want You,” unfolded in autumn 2021, echoing his soul-stirring musical brilliance. A cascade of subsequent releases enriched the musical landscape, each melody whispering tales of emotion and artistry. His albums, a mosaic of mesmerizing ballads and captivating anthems, resonate with the hearts of listeners, cultivating a growing garden of devoted followers.

In the dynamic interplay of melodies and narratives, Connor's music continues to flourish. His partnership in 2023 with producer David Kalmusky at the legendary Addiction Recording Studios, and a prestigious publishing agreement with Spirit Music Group - Nashville, have polished the diamond of his career, expanding the horizons of his musical voyage.

Live performances by Connor are a symphony of energy and emotion, marked by a magnetic connection with the audience. His concerts, a tapestry of intimate echoes and grand musical sagas, reflect his charisma and genuine spirit, etching unforgettable memories in the hearts of the audience.

Connor McCutcheon’s music, a living canvas of artistic evolution, continues to illuminate the global music stage. His journey, a saga of perseverance and passion, holds the promise of a captivating future, unveiling new realms of musical exploration. With the world as his stage, Connor’s odyssey is an ongoing rhythm of inspiration and discovery, where every note holds the breath of exciting possibilities.

Here's a clip of the episode on the Hooche Instagram

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Edgel Groves
Edgel Groves
Oct 18, 2023

😂😂😂 wow

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