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Hooche Hot 50

Each week we update our top 50 artists, curated by our team. They include Independent and Major artists. We love music and we love introducing new music and new artists while celebrating the Superstars that move country music forward.


Our rankings are totally biased and based on what we like, and we think you'll like these artists too.

Farmville, Georgia, U.S.
Oliver Anthony
Oliver Anthony (actual name Christopher Anthony Lunsford) is a rising Bluegrass star singing truth to the American people and we're here for it
Granite Falls, North Carolina, U.S.
Eric Church
The Chief checks in at #4 and brings some country, rock and soul to the chart. Drink a little drank, smoke a little smoke and carry on.
Baskin, Louisiana, U.S.
Lainey Wilson
This bell-bottom beauty is hotter than a June bug in June, She's got us singing about trucks and drinking watermelon moonshine all night long.
Huntersville, North Carolina U.S.
Luke Combs
Luke Combs is coming off a massive double album and world tour, and the guy has 2 young kids at home, his wife must be a saint. He's good at singing too.
Sneedville, Tennessee
Morgan Wallen
The kid from East Tennessee is on fire. One thing at a time crossed genres and brought country music into pop culture in a big way. He's our #1.
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