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Welcome To Nash Pass

Nash Pass is a great way to reach new customers. Unlike other discount programs, listing is 100% free and we don't take a commission on redemption on your offer, so you keep more of your hard earned money. Each week we highlight the best offers and send them to our subscriber base with over 15,000 subscribers and across Hooche Social Media with over 4 million followers. So register your business and provide a compelling offer (minimum 15% discount or more recommended) 

(Registration does not gaurantee participation - all forms are reviewed before accepting)

Registration (5 minutes)

  • How long does my deal last for?
    All companies that register to provide a deal or offer to the Nash Pass program are agreeing to a 12 month term. The term automatically renews but can be cancelled within 60 days of the end of the initial 12 month term.
  • Is Nash Pass Free for Vendor Companies?
    Nash Pass is always free to participate and get featured on the Nash Pass / Hooche Website. All that is required is to provide a unique deal or offer for Nash Pass members. There are additional opportunities to increase your businesses visibility within the Hooche Network with sponsored ads, video, social media, e-blasts and live events.
  • What is the minimum offer to participate?
    The minimum offer to participate is a 15% off discount. However, most companies offer a 20% discount to be a compelling offer and bring in new customers. Another popular offer is a discount on dollars spent for example $10 off a $20 purchase or $25 off of $50 purchase. This way, you can entice customers with a strong savings but in most cases they will spend significantly more depending on your business.
  • How much is the Nash Pass?
    The Nash Pass is $5 per month or $30 per year (50% savings) and renews annually. It can be cancelled at any time and provides access to all deals provided by Nash Pass partner businesses.
  • How long until my listing is live on the website?
    Typically we turn around listings within 24 hours, but we request 5 business days. Once complete, you will have 24 hours to suggest or request any changes, then we will publish the listing and turn the campaign live.
  • What is the value of Nash Pass for my business?
    Nash Pass is powered by Hooche. With over 60 million monthly viewers, 4+ million followers and over 15,000 email subscribers, the Nash Pass is the initial membership offering to our loyal audience. With an offer in the Nash Pass, we will be aggressively marketing your business and other member businesses to our audience. In addition to the core offering, your business will be promoted through social media marketing, search marketing and aggressive digital channels to drive new visitors to your business.
  • Can I cancel my participation in Nash Pass?
    Businesses can cancel within 60 days of the end of the initial term (12 months). By participating in this program, in exchange for significant free advertising to the Hooche customer base, we request at least 12 month participation in our program. If you are wanting to adjust your offer during the program, please reach out to your account manager to discuss options. We want all businesses to get the most value out of this program as possible and are flexible to work with you to ensure you have the right offer for the Hooche Audience and Nash Pass Card holders.
  • How do I validate if a member has a real card?
    All Nash Pass cards have unique markings on them, we will provide you a replica card in your welcome kit. In addition, there is a phone number on each card, this phone number is exclusive to Hooche and if you text the number requesting validation and the name of the person, someone will answer 24/7 - quickly with a validation if it is active or not.
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