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Hangover Healthcare

Hangover Healthcare

Nash Pass Exclusive Discount


15% off of all IV Services

915 Harpeth Valley Pl Nashville, TN 37221

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Hangover Healthcare Discount / Coupon

The Deal


15% off of all IV Services

Deal is valid per person with the pass, not for an entire group.

About Hangover Healthcare

Welcome to Hangover Healthcare, your go-to mobile IV Hydration service right here in the heart of Nashville! If you've been partying hard on Broadway and the morning after is feeling a bit rough, don't worry – we've got you covered. Our team is all about making sure you're ready for round two, and that's why we bring the solution directly to your Airbnb or hotel. Have a large bachelorette party? We specialize in groups so we can get all of you feeling better in no time!

With licensed registered nurse experts at the helm, fixing hangovers is our specialty. But hangovers are just the beginning – whether it's recovering from a day of hiking in the Tennessee heat, battling jet lag, or simply looking to conquer that nagging cold, we have the remedies to get you back on your feet. While it's always a smart move to plan ahead and secure your appointment, we also understand those mornings when you need us right away.

That's why we offer last-minute appointments for your convenience. It's as easy as booking online, and we'll be on our way to assist you. And guess what? We've got even more to offer – did we mention we provide mobile Botox and filler services? Get ready to feel your best with Hangover Healthcare!

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