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Nashville Barrel Company

Nashville Barrel Company

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Buy a flight get a free pour

222 Fessler's Lane
Nashville, TN 37201

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Nashville Barrel Company Discount / Coupon



Buy a flight get a free pour. With your purchase of a Whiskey, Wine or Moonshine flight and get an additional pour of Whiskey, Wine or Moonshine.

Must be 21 to redeem!

About Nashville Barrell Company

At Nashville Barrel Co., our story isn't spun from whimsical tales of long-lost recipes discovered in family attics. Our heritage doesn't hinge on names like Taylor, Daniels, or Craig. What we do possess is a profound passion for bourbon and the joy of sharing it with friends.

Our commitment is rooted in transparency and delivering exceptional value in every barrel we curate. We invite you to visit our distillery, where you can experience the local favorites in our Taproom or embark on a Whiskey Tour. We're confident that by the time you leave, you'll be an enthusiastic advocate of Nashville Barrel Co.

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