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New Heights Brewing

New Heights Brewing

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928 Rep. John Lewis Way S

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20% off Draft Beer, Merchandise, and to go beer

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About New Heights Brewery

Nestled in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN, New Heights Brewing is a boutique craft brewery dedicated to brewing the beers we love and long for. Our range spans from bold, hop-forward IPAs to smooth, crisp ales and decadent imperial stouts. This journey began with a simple home brew kit, a gift to our head brewer, Jeff Fountain, from his wife, Tracey. Tired of the mundane corporate life, reminiscent of scenes from 'Office Space,' Jeff left his regular job to pursue his true calling—crafting exceptional beer and enriching the community.

Jeff's brewing adventure started in Carlsbad, CA, where he volunteered at a microbrewery, later becoming a brewer at Mission Brewery in San Diego. Here, Jeff refined his skills and developed his unique brewing style. His experience at Mission and active participation in local homebrew clubs, like Mash Heads, connected him with some of the industry's most skilled artisans.

In 2014, equipped with extensive knowledge, detailed plans, and countless hours of experimental brewing in his backyard, Jeff and Tracey relocated to Nashville. They established New Heights Brewing as a tribute to their previous neighborhood in San Diego—our logo features the iconic University Heights’ North Park Water Tower set against the Nashville skyline. It symbolizes new beginnings, courageous ventures, and the notion of finding 'home' wherever you may be.

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