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Demps & Kylie Morgan Clips

So last week was pretty epic. How epic do you say? How about, Demps and Kylie in space with a tesla, a green dress playing football with a space guy while eating Miracle Whip. You convinced now?

Ok, so Kylie stopped by Hooche Studios and Hung out with Demps. Birds of a feather to say the least. Full episode will be up soon. Until then. Here is Miss Morgan and the one and only Demps "cutting the bullshit" as Demps like to say.

"Death By Sneeze"

Demps on Mayonnaise

"You want to know what ruins my day? Biting into a sandwich and you get a gulp of mayonnaise in your mouth" - Micheal Jordan (and Demps)

Kylie on the CMT Music Award Dress Scandal

Kylie Morgan on the 15 year overnight success

Kylie give us some inspiration talking about seeing the world through rose colored glasses when it comes to a toxic relationship and giving it a tough love vibe

Kylie talks about singing in front of 65,000 people at an NFL game and gives a tip of the cap to Swifty

Kylie Morgan Instagram

About Kylie Morgan

Kylie Morgan is a beloved American country singer-songwriter who has captivated the hearts of audiences with her extraordinary talent, charisma, and vulnerability. Born and raised in Newcastle, Oklahoma, Kylie discovered her passion for music at a tender age and began writing songs, which has allowed fans to connect with her on a deeply personal level.

Her music, a blend of fresh country sounds with a sprinkle of pop, speaks to the heart, embodying tales of love, hardship, and everyday life, making it relatable to a broad spectrum of listeners. Kylie’s soulful voice and authentic storytelling create an immersive experience that resonates with people, encouraging them to feel and reflect.

In addition to her musical prowess, Kylie’s genuine personality and warmth shine through in her interactions with fans, whether it be on social media, interviews, or live performances. Her accessibility and openness make her admirers feel seen and appreciated, building a strong, supportive community around her artistry.

Kylie is also admired for her dedication to her craft and continuous growth as an artist, always striving to innovate and improve, keeping her music fresh and engaging. Her charismatic stage presence and engaging live performances make her concerts a memorable experience, creating a lasting bond with those who attend.

Kylie Morgan’s relatable songwriting, captivating voice, genuine personality, and powerful live performances are key reasons why she is deeply loved and cherished in the music community.


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