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Oliver Anthony Announces Out Of The Woods 2024 Tour

The singer/songwriter, whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford, will kick off the trek in Stockholm, Sweden on February 1. His first-ever major tour will make several stops across the pond before returning to the United States for back-to-back shows at Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium. The 31-year-old will then visit various arenas and amphitheaters around the U.S. through September 13 when the tour will wrap in Allegan, MI at the Allegan County Fair.

The viral sensation said he has been “flooded” with messages about how to get tickets for his shows.

“The last 90 days have been a little crazy,” he told Billboard. “It’s funny because the music side of it has been very calming and enjoyable. It’s all the stuff behind the scenes that’s unreasonably chaotic. My life is actually a lot simpler in some ways, because I’m not working a job and juggling 10 other things with the music. But when you become a full-time musician, you’re essentially a business owner and an entrepreneur and a lot of other things, too. And those are things I’m not quite used to yet.”


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