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The Real Reason Snoop Dogg Said He "Decided to Give Up Smoke"

The bombshell announcement sneakily set the stage for a brand partnership, but will the collab catch fire or leave fans feeling burned?

If you read Snoop Dogg's words carefully, he says nothing about giving up smoking, and as it became clear today, giving up smoking marijuana. No, Snoop Dogg was giving up fire pit smoke — by partnering with Solo Stove.

His announcement and subsequent posts were part of a public relations stunt to hype Solo Stove and Snoop Dogg's collaboration. Here's our breakdown of what happened.

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has teamed up with brands, some higher-profile than others. In the past he’s worked with Beyond Meat, Duke + Dexter, Skechers, Corona and more. What’s different about this partnership are the potential expectations it sets: Quitting marijuana is a big deal — especially for a celebrity heavily associated with the drug — and judging by the comments left on Snoop’s initial posts, some fans even felt compelled to “give up smoke” themselves.

Now that it’s clear Snoop will only be giving up fireside smoke, some fans may feel betrayed. Meek Mill in particular could have some mixed feelings about the whole charade, and he may not be alone.

Working with Snoop Dogg and capitalizing on his famous habit with some clever semantics certainly has the potential to elevate Solo Stove’s profile with the general public — and simultaneously opens up the possibility of being dragged by angry fans who feel tricked. Only time will tell if this unprecedented publicity stunt will bring the heat to product sales ... or go up in smoke.

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20 nov. 2023

Haha I knew something was fishy

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