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The Rise of Eddie and The Getaway: TikTok, Instagram and a Broken Arm from what?

Eddie And The Getaway combines a modern twist on 2000s Pop-Rock with contemporary Country vibes. Eddie, the band's leader, sees "the getaway" as more than just their music—it's a celebration of a liberating lifestyle, with their songs acting as its anthem.

When not performing or crafting new music, Eddie, known for his wild curly hair, is often found seeking adventure, whether surfing in California or mountain biking down rugged trails. Originating from sunny Arizona, Eddie honed his distinct musical style before relocating to Nashville. His unique, raspy voice and dynamic guitar skills position Eddie And The Getaway as a rising force in the fusion of genres, appealing to a new wave of music enthusiasts.

In this episode he discussed:

- Hating his first year in Nashville

- Moving to Arizona and learning the guitar and writing Country Music

- Getting his arm broken by...well, you'll just have to watch for that story

Stay updated and join their journey by following @eddieandthegetaway on social media and check out this episode with Jake Banfield as he tells his story and things get #gritty


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