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The Shake Off: Taylor Swift Takes Down Morgan Wallen in Spotify Streams Showdown

In a Stunning...Turn of Events, Taylor Swift Tops Spotify Charts. Again.

In a shock to absolutely no one, Taylor Swift has grabbed yet another title she can add to her ever-growing trophy shelf: Most-Streamed Artist on Spotify. Because, of course, she did.

The 'Groundbreaking' News:

Spotify Wrapped, the annual reminder (although the measurement is actually only through the end of October) of your questionable music choices, has just crowned Taylor Swift as the queen of streams both globally and in the U.S. In other news, water is wet. Following in her shadow were the usual suspects: Drake, Morgan Wallen, The Weeknd, and Bad Bunny, who apparently didn't get the memo that it's the Taylor Swift Show.


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Ok back to the musings...

Morgan Wallen's Consolation Prize:

Oh, and let's give a slow clap for Morgan Wallen, who managed to snag the most-streamed song and album in the U.S. with "Last Night" and "One Thing At A Time." Because someone had to be number two, right?

Spotify's Swiftie Easter Eggs:

But wait, there's more! Spotify is now pandering to, I mean, celebrating Swift fans by turning their app into a Taylor-themed wonderland. Play a Swift song, and voila, the app throws a mini-party with colors and sparkles. Because nothing says 'mature music platform' like turning your progress bar into a disco light.

Swift-Streamers Get a Gold Star:

Top Swift streamers on Spotify also get a virtual pat on the back with a shareable card and a thank-you note from the "Cruel Summer" artist herself. It's like a participation trophy, but for listening to music.

Podcast Popularity Contest:

In other earth-shattering developments, the most popular podcasts in the U.S. were "The Joe Rogan Experience," "Call Her Daddy," and "Crime Junkie." And the most anticipated podcast launch? "Hot Mess" with Alix Earle. Because what's a year without a new podcast about being a hot mess?


So, there you have it. Another year, another Spotify Wrapped dominated by Taylor Swift. But hey, at least your progress bar looks pretty now.


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