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Edmonton, Canada

Alee is a rising star hailing from Edmonton Canada, she is carrying on the rich tradition of Country greatness from north of the border

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About Alee

Elevating the year’s commencement was Alee’s honorable recognition as a CCMA Rising Star Nominee, heralding the onset of a period marked by extraordinary accomplishments.

Alee’s artistic brilliance illuminated the music world as she unveiled her debut album "Bad Habit," which cascaded through Spotify with over 3.5 million streams. Its harmonic currents reverberated, birthing a #1 female single “Moonshine” in the realms of Canadian country radio and a Top 20 video accolade on CMT. This symphony of achievements gracefully crescendoed to a prestigious nomination for the CCMA Female Artist of the Year in September 2017.

In the artistic tapestry of life, Alee embroiders tales of creativity, love, and vision. Her narratives unravel from a unique vantage point, allowing her stories to flourish with a distinct elegance and passion. Alee, with a grace that extends to a stature of 5’10”, has been bestowed with a unique perspective that breathes life into her musical journey.

Her odyssey embarked with the delicate keys of classical piano and the rhythmic embrace of dance, eventually steering her towards the heartwarming realms of country music as a captivating vocalist. Alee’s ascendancy in the country music heavens has been a mesmerizing ballet of perseverance and talent, echoing since 2013 with melodies that danced through the Top 20 at Canadian country radio.

Her 2017 magnum opus, "Bad Habit," unveils a spectrum of emotional artistry, ranging from vibrant, captivating tunes to the tender embrace of melodies that resonate with sweetness intertwined with heartaches. The album heralds the debut of an extraordinary artist, whose musical creations enchant with awe-inspiring elegance.

Alee, Alberta's gem, carries within her a flame ignited by relentless hard work and an unwavering dedication to storytelling. Rooted in the ethos of an Alberta farm girl, her journey has flourished, transforming her from the gentle embrace of Alberta's landscapes to the mesmerizing allure of centre stage’s spotlight. With the winds of ambition beneath her wings, Alee is poised to soar through the musical skies with an unmatched brilliance. - Vents Magazine

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