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Will Morton

Jacksonville, North Carolina, US

Will Morton is bursting onto the music scene with an authentic sound and a story worth telling

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About Will Morton

Will Morton, a native of Jacksonville, North Carolina, carries within him a deep and enduring passion for country music, a flame ignited in the tender company of his grandparents. As a young child, evenings were enchanted with the heartfelt rhythms of "Hee Haw" and the iconic "Grand Ole Opry," spaces filled with the joyful whistles of his Pop and Gaga's spirited clapping and foot-tapping. These moments, steeped in warmth and affection, have transformed into cherished memories, immortalizing his grandparents in the sanctuary of his heart.

The tapestry of Will’s teenage years was richly embroidered with the threads of musical exploration and discovery. His initial sojourn into the realm of music saw him embracing the role of a rock drummer. Yet, the hands of fate gently guided him back to the embracing arms of country music, rekindling the profound connections of his early years.

Will’s latest album unfolds as a powerful symphony of lived experiences, a poignant journey through the realms of addiction, heartache, love, and the intricate pathways of life. It is a heartfelt testament, an intimate sharing of life's chapters, imbued with the hope that others might find in its melodies a haven of solace and a sense of companionship in their own journeys.

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