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Jake Banfield

Eufaula, Oklahoma

A native of Oklahoma, spending time in Eufaula, Mannford, and Tulsa, Jake Banfield started his musical career at the age of 19 after a knee injury sidelined him while playing College Basketball.

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About Jake Banfield

Hailing from the heartland of Oklahoma, with roots in Eufaula, Mannford, and Tulsa, Jake Banfield's musical journey began at 19. A twist of fate led him from the basketball courts of college athletics to a path in music, as an injury prompted him to swap the basketball for a guitar acquired from a local pawn shop. Self-taught in the art of melodies and lyrics, Jake's early musical fluency was nurtured singing hymns, while his eclectic taste was shaped by the anthems of 80’s rock bands, the beats of 90’s and 2000’s Hip-Hop and R&B, the timeless rhythms of Old School Rap, and the storytelling in Country music from various eras.

His creativity flourished in the solitude of his dorm, resulting in a blend of sounds that echoes through his songwriting and performances, primarily shared with the world on social media platforms. This digital stage became the cornerstone of his rapidly growing fan base, which soared to over 800,000 followers, captivated by his music and the authenticity of a small-town boy making waves in the vast ocean of social media.

Jake's ascent in the music industry was propelled by a viral original song on TikTok, leading to a management contract with the renowned Electric Feel Entertainment. Not long after, he ventured into songwriting for prominent female Pop artists, leaving his creative mark on tracks by Madison Beer, Little Mix, and Anne Marie.

His artistic ambitions then called him back to his own music, leading him to the vibrant music scene of Nashville. Here, he honed his distinctive sound, a mélange of pop country with undertones of rock, alternative, and hip-hop, in collaboration with some of Nashville's leading songwriters and producers.

Jake's sonic palette draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of artists, from the country charm of Sam Hunt and Garth Brooks to the pop sensibilities of Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber. This fusion of genres has cultivated a widespread and varied audience, eager for his upcoming releases.

As he prepares to unveil his debut project, Jake's discography is accessible across all major streaming platforms, where his single "Hold Me" has garnered 1 million Spotify streams shortly after release, contributing to a collective 10 million+ streams to date. His diverse and dynamic sound promises to resonate with listeners across the globe as he continues to chart his course in the music world.

Jake Banfield Oklahoma Sooner (Official Audio)


Jake Banfield



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