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Faren Rachels

Sparta, Georgia, USA

In Nashville's vibrant music sphere, Faren Rachels shines uniquely, celebrated as a “rare talent”

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About Faren Rachels

In Nashville's vibrant music sphere, Faren Rachels shines uniquely, celebrated as a “rare talent” by CelebMix. This dynamo, originating from Sparta, Georgia, has woven her musical narratives through the bars of Athens, turning the pages of her journey towards Tennessee’s illustrious stages since 2012. Driven by unwavering tenacity, Rachels navigated the crossroads of multiple side gigs before gracefully stepping into a momentous publishing contract. Her music resonates in rhythmic tales, stories characterized by Billboard as “steady, stomping [and] propulsive.”

Embracing the road’s call, Rachels has shared stages and echoes with country music's esteemed names, like Luke Combs, Brantley Gilbert, Willie Nelson, and Dwight Yoakam. The chords of the past reverberate in her present, where grandparent’s love for country music and nostalgic concert memories intertwine with her contemporary experiences, touring alongside artists who once filled the soundtracks of her youthful days.

Rachels' songwriting blooms from the heart's authenticity, cultivating lyrical gardens where resonances with artists like Lainey Wilson, Ashland Craft, and Chrissy Metz flourish. Her musical canvases are painted with the hues of real, raw experiences beyond the ordinary tales of ephemeral romances and ceaseless parties.

The interlude brought by the COVID pandemic did little to dim her radiant musical spirit. Faren now returns, magnifying the stage with a resplendence of new releases, produced by the talented Rocky Block and Austin Goodloe, and a revitalized tour horizon burgeoning with promise. Her melodies are woven in the universal tapestry of dreams and the odysseys undertaken to breathe them into reality, an authenticity echoed in the stories narrated through her EP, 'Cryin' With The Windows Down', which now graces the world with its heartfelt presence.

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