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Eff You Music with Demps & Bobmshell Lauren Weintraub

We're pretty sure, wherever the people are that decided the meaning for the word bombshell, they were talking about this sweetie Lauren Weintraub of America's Got Talent Season 13. (and Demps of course is her spectacular self) This 24 year old has the voice of a 70's throwback but can throw in a high note like "fu**king Mariah" according to Demps, here are some of our favorite clips from the episode.

Demps is pissed about turning 30 and talks about eff you music

Lauren Weintraub on her Grand Ol Opry debut and Pre-Show Yoga

Demps thinks Lauren's a bombshell, I mean...she's not wrong

Demp's wants to cry in the bathroom

"Demps, "Wait...are we in retrograde?" Lauren, "Retrograde and a Blue Moon", Demps, "Well that explains f*cking everything!" haha

Well, if you liked the clips you'll love the full episode!

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Edgel Groves
Edgel Groves
Oct 18, 2023

lauren is so talented

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