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Alee is gorgeous and Demps Door Dashes what? You'll want to watch these clips to find out.

So apparently Demps door dashes sausage and not the kind you think. Have you no shame!! Well, you'll have to find out in this crazy clip post with Alee the up and coming Canadian country music star (and she's tall by the way) - way taller then we thought! Check out the clips below. Full episode up now!

Complete shock and horror as a Bird swooped in and stole Demps' retainer as she was eating Mozzarella sticks poolside, poor girl!

Demps reveals she stole Missy Me's from Dillard's and went to Juve during her "Kesha" era...haha

And Demps' favorite bar for Live Music in Downtown Nash? Drumroll please...Kid Rocks. And It's not why you think...

What is the weirdest thing you've ever door dashed? Alee knows exactly what it is...And how big does Demps like it? Watch the clip and you'll find out.

Slutty Mannequins? Didn't know that was a thing? Apparently it is in Canada.

Want to learn more about Alee? Check her out on Instagram and follow Hooche while you're at it, in the words of Barbara Powers "You'll be glad ya did."


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