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Morgan Wallen Returns to #1 at Billboard

The Billboard charts have seen plenty of Morgan Wallen the last few years, and it was looking like his reign at #1 was coming to and end...but hang tight, because he's back and the album is just not giving up. But what do you expect from a #genrecrossingcountrytenneseemegastar what do you think, can we get that hashtag trend going?

So what's working?

Well, contributing to Wallen’s Artist 100 ascent are six songs on the Billboard Hot 100, all of which appear on One Thing at a Time. Here’s a recap.

Rank and Title

  • No. 5, “Last Night”

  • No. 13, “Thought You Should Know”

  • No. 21, “You Proof”

  • No. 51, “One Thing at a Time”

  • No. 63, “I Wrote the Book”

  • No. 93, “Everything I Love”

Here's one of our personal favorites here at Hooche


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