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Rooftop Bars in Nashville during the Holidays? HO HO HELL YEAH!

It's your local barfly Mike here, and it's about to get chilly and cozy....but that won't stop a fun hang at a rooftop!

Check out these Top 5 Nashville Rooftop Bars for a festive holiday experience:

#5: L27 Rooftop Lounge: An absolute go-to rooftop spot in Nashville, and it seems like everyone else agrees, given how bustling it always is. Reservations are a must! Perched 27 floors up on the Westin Hotel downtown, this spot offers both indoor and outdoor seating with a stunning view of their pool and the city skyline. Their seasonal signature cocktails are a treat, and if you're feeling peckish, they've got you covered with small plates and entrees.

#4: Bobby Hotel Rooftop Lounge: Nestled atop the Bobby Hotel, this trendy spot transforms into a winter wonderland during the holidays. Picture heated igloos, fireplaces, blankets, and a special holiday menu. Reservations are essential, and this year, shoot an email to to secure your spot.

#3: The Lodge at the Pool Club (Virgin Hotels): A new gem on the rooftop of Virgin Hotels on Music Row. Take a stroll until you find the elevator labeled "this way to the Pool Club." With a pool, cabanas, a breathtaking view, and delightful brunch options, it's got everything. The inside is warm and beautifully decorated during the holidays. Consider renting a heated cabana for you and your friends at $500. The menu boasts delights like parmesan truffle fries, burgers, and truffle mac & cheese. Winter cocktails like the "Snow Bunny" or "Breckinridge Babe" add to the festive vibe. Reservations are recommended.

#2: Acme Feed & Seed: Broadway might not be a local favorite, but if we make an exception, it's for Acme. Located at the end of the strip, Acme offers a classier vibe than other Honky Tonks. Three levels of fun await: live music, beer, cocktails, and casual cuisine on the first floor; lounge seating, group spaces, games, and a sushi bar on the second floor; and a rooftop on the third floor with incredible views of Nissan Stadium, the river, and downtown. No food is served on the rooftop, but you can bring your goodies from below. Live music usually accompanies the experience.

#1: LA Jackson: Head to L.A. Jackson in the Gulch for a fancy rooftop experience at the top of the Thompson Hotel. WINNER of "top rooftop bars in Nashville" 5 years in a row!Navigate through the hotel doors, find the elevators to the right, and don't forget your ID—it's 21+ only. The city views are breathtaking, making it a perfect spot for a girls' night out. Dress up, take some photos, and order a fancy cocktail. Their double cheeseburger and fries are a must-try, and if you're celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, they might just surprise you with free champagne. On weekends, a DJ usually spins fantastic early 2000’s hits to keep the vibe alive....and you KNOW they will be cranking some fun Christmas music during the holiday season!

That's my list...comment below what your favorite is or what I SHOULD have included! Don't forget to pickup your HOOCHE NashPass for discount at some amazing local spots!


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