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Surprise! Dylan Marlowe to release new record with post baby Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott is having a hell of a year. Several hit songs, a beard that seemingly never changes, an authentic social media account with a wife that somehow allowed him to go live and broadcast her pregnancy (she looked great throughout) and is a great sport and on top of that...he has a new song coming out with Dylan Marlowe, or I guess, Dylan Marlowe has a new song coming out with Dylan Scott, whatever, either way, it's two Dylans and they have a new banger coming out. Marlowe, who burst on to the scene this summer with the hit song Record High - which we absolutely love at Hooche, is definitely someone to watch for in the future, his voice is magnetic and he knows how to rock camo and a flat brimmed duck hat, so you know he's going to make it :).

We're excited for this one and so should you be! There is so much Dylanning going on right now!!! Also, we're pretty sure they'll appreciate the pre-save! check it out.

תגובה אחת

20 באוק׳ 2023

I'm personally a big fan of both of these guys. One has been around for a while and has shown he's a bonafide hit maker and the other kid is up and coming an has a really good voice and is a good song writer. Love that they are collaborating on this!

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