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Tennessee vs Alabama? How about Morgan Wallen vs Justin Thomas...

So, there are a lot of prognosticators breaking down the major factors of the Tennessee vs Alabama matchup this year, but no one seems to be talking about the most important issue, which sports stars are rooting for which team? We're sure you know a few of these, but we'll give you our take.

So Here Ya Go, Vote and Let Us know who ya got as the big winners!

🎩🐘 Epic Showdown: Celebrity Fan Face-Off! 🍊🎤

Welcome to the Thunderdome of Fandom where the legendary supporters of the Crimson Tide wash up on the rocky shores of Volunteer territory! Brace yourself for a riot of laughter as we unveil the die-hard, crazy-fan antics of celebrity supporters from Alabama and Tennessee! Who will win the hilarious hustle of fanhood? You decide!

Round 1: Heavyweight Hype-men!

  • 🐘 Forest Gump (Tom Hanks) vs. 🍊 Peyton Manning’s Forehead

    • Gump runs across the field, but Peyton’s forehead blinds the opposition with its sheer brilliance!

Ask your question

  • Peyton Manning

  • Forrest Gump

Round 2: Marvelous Musicians!

  • 🐘 Jason Isbell (Alabama’s Melodic Maestro) vs. 🍊 Dolly Parton (Tennessee’s Tuneful Queen)

    • Will Jason’s chords roll over the Tide, or will Dolly's vocals volunteer to steal the show?


  • Jason Isbell

  • Dolly Parton

Round 3: Radiant Reporters!

  • 🐘 Justin Thomas (Mr. PGA) vs. 🍊 Morgan Wallen (Country Crooner and Vol Lover)

    • Justin stripes a Tide triumph, but Morgan croons about a Volunteer victory!


  • Justin Thomas

  • Morgan Wallen

Round 4: Comical Characters!

  • 🐘 Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Bama Fan) vs. 🍊 Meg Maroney (Just became a fan)

    • Will Sabrina cast a spell for a Bama win, or will Meg find her Orange Jersey and do her man Morgan...ehem, whoever she wrote about proud?


  • Sabrina

  • Meg Maroney

Cast your votes, unleash the fanfare, and may the funniest fan frenzy flourish! 🏈🌟🤣


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