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We asked AI what are the favorite Luke Combs songs and why

Who gets Luke Combs more than a couple of hicks in the sticks? Maybe AI does????

So, like every other publication, we will use AI sometimes to help research and pull information quickly that we can edit down, put our spin or opinion on and then share it with you. Whether we like it or not, that's how most editorial will probably be done in the future. And sometimes, it's pretty good. But we'll let you be the judge.

So we set out to Write a series of song reviews of Luke Combs, because we think he's a total badass and anyone that disagrees has some serious issues, but then we thought, I wonder if we ask AI - what will the Matrix say?

Well, here it is folks, you be the judge. Can you tell AI wrote this? And do you feel bad at all that the computer actually can't listen to and understand music at the Heart and Soul level? At least we've got something on the machines right...humans!!! Plus, even though we used Chat GPT4 - it only goes up until 2022 and doesn't have the data set apparently to include his newest projects Growing Up and Getting Old. So, again, a shortcoming of the AI - but all in all, I think it is a pretty good run down of why people like these songs (FWIW)


Luke Combs: 5 Fan Favorites and the Reasons They're So Beloved

Luke Combs has rocketed to stardom within the country music community, establishing a special connection with fans worldwide through his authentic songwriting and soul-stirring performances. But which of his tracks have particularly struck a chord with listeners? Here are five of Luke Combs' most beloved songs and the reasons behind their widespread adoration:

  1. "Beautiful Crazy"

    • Why It's Loved: This tender ode to the quirks of a significant other showcases the deep understanding and appreciation that exists in love. "Beautiful Crazy" celebrates the unpredictability of one's partner, emphasizing that these peculiarities make them uniquely enchanting. With its gentle melody and poetic lyrics, it's no wonder that many couples consider it "their song."

  1. "When It Rains It Pours"

    • Why It's Loved: Turning the typical breakup song narrative on its head, "When It Rains It Pours" is a celebration of the unforeseen good times that can follow a heartbreak. With its upbeat rhythm and humorous storytelling, it's a testament to the idea that sometimes, things falling apart might just be life's way of making way for better things.

  1. "Beer Never Broke My Heart"

    • Why It's Loved: Country music and songs about beer go hand in hand, but Luke Combs elevates this tradition with "Beer Never Broke My Heart." An anthem of reliability in the face of life's many disappointments, this track is both relatable and refreshingly direct. Its catchy chorus has undeniably led to many sing-alongs during Combs' live shows.

  1. "Hurricane"

    • Why It's Loved: One of Combs' breakout hits, "Hurricane" is a powerful track about the overwhelming force of a past love. Drawing parallels between the tumultuous nature of a storm and an unforgettable romance, the song encapsulates the raw emotions of love, loss, and longing. Its haunting refrain and sincere lyrics have made it a staple in the country romance genre.

  1. "Even Though I'm Leaving"

    • Why It's Loved: This emotional ballad tugs at the heartstrings of many, exploring the enduring bond between a father and child. Its poignant narrative, which spans moments of childhood fear to adult farewells, reminds listeners of the unbreakable connections we share with our loved ones, even in their absence. Many fans have expressed how the song has moved them to tears, reflecting on their relationships with their own parents.

Luke Combs has a unique ability to tap into universal emotions, crafting songs that resonate on a deeply personal level. These five tracks are testament to his songwriting prowess and the emotional journey he takes his listeners on, ensuring his place in the annals of country music history.

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Oct 10, 2023

I love Luke Combs old stuff. New stuff is great too. I think the AI definitely keyed in on some of the ways I feel about these songs. Would have been interesting to see which they would have picked had they not had the dataset cut off in 2022. 😀

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